XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini 3D Printer Review

Here is another exciting new da Vinci Mini which comes with many features that are sometimes integrated with the much more well-budgeted 3D printer. Such as, embedded Wi-Fi which offers users to transfer or transmit object files from their computers to the machine over wireless networks. It also has main circuit board data storage, which allows a maker or manufacturer t upload an object build file to the machine by the way of a USB cable and then unplugs it and just walk away as the machine assembled or constructs it.

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The da Vinci Mini does not have an LCD machine over it but it does have a bar on it which is used to pause the process, by just pushing it; and an LED with different colors which indicates printing conditions.

For example, the green color indicates the position of standby mode of the machine. Whereas, the red color indicates that your machine is suffering from some kind of printing fault or error. I think the best and one of my most favorite thing or feature about XY’s printing machines is that they all have on board or main board memory. So once the thing is downloaded then you may unplug the computer. The Mini used one type of filaments which is PLA. Although, I have a complaint with XYZ printing which is filament lock that means XYZ printing requires the cylindrical device on which filament would be wound. You cannot reboot the chip or administer the machine without a chipped threaded spool. When you run out of fiber, you have to reorder that cylindrical device on which filament is wounded, and that new device or spool will arrive with a new chip.

The only model that da Vinci Mini failed to print properly was a geometric sculpture. Actually, the printer was unsuccessful to print the pats of the flat faces that forms the shape of the sculpture, and then the printer breaks up when we removed the support material.

  • Low cost
  • High quality printer for PLA prints
  • Easy to use software
  • On advanced settings it prints faster/speedy
  • Embedded Wi-Fi
  • Main board data storage
  • Unusually quite
  • No misprints in testing
  • Easy to setup and operate prints over a USB
  • Slow when printing is in higher resolution
  • Unsuccessful to print some complex 3d objects
  • Reinforce limited print material
  • Only operates with filament, XYZ provides
  • Software is basic
  • Removing printing objects from the printing bed is sometimes difficult


The XYZ printing da Vinci Mini is a consumer oriented 3d printer that provides an awesome combination of low price, easy setup and use, solid print quality and smooth, misprint free performance.

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