Fabrikator Mini II 3D Printer Review

If we start talking about this new Fabrikator Mini II, it has a large number of excellent features that will blow you away. The very first thing you will come to know about this printer is its rock-solid aluminum case and this looks like overflow on the printer this size but this does present you a large number of benefits in that a steady printer is an error-free printer. And yes, you will not find more precise, accurate and smooth printer than this in the market within this price range. The printing details on this printer are very impressive and astonishing and got the same output of the print after print and so on.

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In this printer, print quality is not only the best or basic feature, it also has a heated print bed of 100mm*100mm and this will allow or offer you to print in ABS and PETG. In fact, the most inflexible strands that require a heated bed and will print very good and well on this Mini Fabrikator II. This bed also comes pre-constructed with a black PEI tape that not only protect you first layer sticks every single time but does it many, many times over.

All these features would make this a great printer, but anyone wants more. So, we add some more features like different methods of uploading code files:

  1. First one, is you can have a dedicated USB link to your computer.
  2. You may upload directly from SD card.
  3. And the last one is you may upload files and control your printer directly via Wi-Fi and a web interface using Repetier Host.

Besides, all these features and characteristics the Mini Fabrikator comes at a price that makes it perfect for the beginners and first-time users, students and seasoned 3D printers who wants quality secondary printer for smaller jobs. Here, one thing which should be kept in mind about this printer that it is a desktop mini printer so you are not going to print a huge Saturn rocket replica on it. But moreover, it is a great size for little widgets, devices or gadgets that makes 3D printing fun and easily accessible of all the time for everyone. In the last, the Fabrikator Mini II has taken a great thing which makes it better and awesome. 

  • Prebuilt
  • Small
  • Great starter
  • Quite
  • Safe and secure
  • Low price-range
  • Small footprint
  • Heated print bed
  • Many control options such as Wi-Fi, SD card, and USB
  • Easy to set up and good manual
  • Good print speed and quality
  • Noisy
  • Lots of “new printer smell”
  • Aluminum case with very sharp edges
  • Some controllerfirmware features


This printer is sold as ready to go, but my view and experience is (and other’s experience which Ifind on the internet) shows that is not always the case? I think it is a very low priced with a small footprint and much more features butthe thing I really don’t like about this is that it is quite noisy but it would be okay for novice users.

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